Our Services

Using the services of a debt collector can help to improve your company’s finances by ensuring a regular cash flow.
It also increases your business confidence and improves your relationships with clients by outsourcing debt collection to a third party. On the other hand, the failure to hire a debt collector can result in business loss and loss of valuable clients.


How do we operate?

Net Signature’s debt collection unit has several divisions like marketing, follow-up section, collection section and legal section.
All these teams work in coordination to produce the best results. We will first negotiate with the client and then plan the future course of action based on their feedback and the complexity of the case.

Our legal team

will intervene and pursue the case if necessary, which will help in speedy resolution of the cases.
We operate within the framework of the Qatari commercial and criminal law, thus ensuring that the relationships with all the parties are cordial and in accordance with the law.
At no stage we will violate the law because the Qatari laws have enough guarantees to protect the rights of all parties concerned.


We will employ several tools:

like mediation, settlement schemes, incentives etc. As a debt collection agency, our services are beneficial for both the parties – the creditors and debtors alike, not for the creditors alone.
As a third party, we have more options and solutions to settle disputes than are available for parties who are directly involved in the dispute.