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About us - Debt collection in Qatar
Provide Highest Quality of Services

We are service providers of debt collections services in Qatar. Debt collections is a key focus area for netsignature. We work with various lending institutions, debt buyers and premier collection agencies in the us to service the consumer debt collections market. We recover debt in various stages of delinquency including 1st party, pre-charge off, primary, mid-primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary & quints and work on.Now managing early stage collection, late stage collection and skip tracing becomes effortless with us. We engage in proven principles of negotiation and debt recovery. We integrate outsourcing and transformation services to render value proposition.

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What we do

We are a debt recovery agency that specialises in collecting overdue debt and other outstanding bills and payments in Qatar. In a complex market, debt collection is not easy and needs the services of professionals. There are several reasons for default:lack of financial planning or over commitment on client's part; an unforeseen eventuality such as business loss or the loss of a job or health problems; dispute or disagreement over the debt or what is being billed for; or dishonesty on the part of the debtor. Whatever the reasons, a creditor may not be able to foresee and handle these problems. As a professional agency, we know how to handle the situation and can collect the outstanding dues giving you the least headache, with minimum costs.

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Who needs our services

We offer our services to a wide range of clients – banks, financial and non-financial institutions, companies and individuals. Whether the amount owed to you is smaller or bigger (running into several millions), we can under take the collection on your behalf. We also undertake the recovery of old debt, which you may have written off as irrecoverable or too difficult to manage. Collection of old debt needs special expertise and experience. Our team of talented and experienced professionals can advise you on best solutions to improve your finances.

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Why use

Using the services of a debt collector can help to improve your company’s finances by ensuring a regular cash flow. It also increases your business confidence and improves your relationships with clients by outsourcing debt collection to a thirdparty. On the other hand, the failure to hire a debt collector can result in business loss and loss of valuable clients. Thats why we do debt collection services in Qatar

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How do we operate

Net Signature’s debtcollection unit has severaldivisions like marketing,follow-up section, collectionsection and legal section.All these teams work incoordination to producethe best results. We will firstnegotiate with the client andthen plan the future courseof action based on theirfeedback and the complexityof the case. Our legal teamwill intervene and pursue thecase if necessary, which willhelp in speedy resolution ofthe cases.We operate within theframework of the Qataricommercial and criminallaw, thus ensuring that therelationships with all theparties are cordial and inaccordance with the law. Atno stage we will violate thelaw because the Qatari lawshave enough guaranteesto protect the rights ofall parties concerned. Wewill employ several tools:like mediation, settlementschemes, incentives etc.As a debt collection agency,our services are beneficialfor both the parties – thecreditors and debtors alike,not for the creditors alone.As a third party, we havemore options and solutionsto settle disputes than areavailable for parties whoare directly involved in thedispute.

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Human Resource Consultancy

We provide Payroll Outsourcing, Temporary Staffing Services, Permanent Staff Services and Recruitment Process Outsourcing. We assist inhiring employees after clearly identifying a company’s needs for specific roles in specific projects. Whatever your manpower needs, we have the most cost-effective solutions. We can also handle all your payroll functions to save your time and money.

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Legal Services

We provide all kinds of legal services to companies, institutions and individuals on short-term and long-term basis. Our legal team has experience in handling all types of laws in Qatar and we also have tie-ups with leading lawyers in Qatar to guarantee the best services to our clients. We can guide you through any legal process to help achieve your objectives, at the most affordable prices..

Debt Collection

Commercial Collection Agency Services

Resource Center - Debt collection in Qatar

In House Law Firm

If our collection agency efforts have not achieved the desired results, accounts are then ‘placed’ with our in-house law firm. A complete debt collection effort is made under the name of the law firm which creates significant additional pressure on the debtor, and this unique feature of our agency has proven to be a valuable tool in our collection process. There is no increased cost for our clients for use of these services – the contingency rate is the same as if we collected under our agency name.Our in house law firm also manages attorney forwarding and litigation matters.

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Background Investigation

This means developing an understanding of the debtor – the business itself, the ownership, and itsemployees. We seek to determine how large they are, how long they have been in business, and how the business is performing. We will also investigate the background of owners, managers and employees as appropriate. The debt collector uses this information to develop a strategy and in negotiations with the debtor.

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Skip tracing

Sometimes companies just seem to disappear. We do extensive research to either confirm they are no longer operating or to find them at a new location, operating under different names or with different contact information. We also track down owners, either because they have personal liability for the business debt or to confirm the business is closed. Our research techniques may include finding and contacting relatives, neighbors and landlords as well as simply finding working phone numbers and home addresses for the person of interest.

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Credit Analysis

The majority of debt collection claims result from the debtor having financial problems. We seek tounderstand the owner’s personal financial situation as well as the company’s financial position to help us with developing a negotiating strategy and a successful result.

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Payment Plans

Unfortunately, in the vast majority of larger commercial collections the debtor does not have the financial ability to make full restitution in one payment. We will negotiate and enforce payment plans, which may have weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments. These plans get documented and we strive to make them as automatic as possible so we are not having to chase the debtor for each payment. While we strongly prefer to get all of your money immediately, if we have to work over an extended period it is still superior to not getting paid and generally better than having to go to court. All payments plans are subject to clientapproval.

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Settlement Agreementse

On occasion there are disputes where the other party has some damage claim against our client. The end result may be that our client agrees to accept less than the full balance owed as part of settling the dispute. In other situations, a debtor may be delinquent with a significant number of vendors and only have a limited amount of funds available to satisfy old debts. While a long-term payment plan may get a full recovery, there is risk that the debtor goes out of business before satisfying the obligation in full. In this situation, it may be preferable to negotiate a settlement agreement where the debtor gets a discount but pays the full discounted amount immediately. Clients must approve in writing any settlement agreement.

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Collection Litigation

If we cannot resolve the matter on a voluntary basis, we have a nationwide network of debt collection attorneys who work on a contingency basis. We only recommend suit if we believe there is an extremely high likelihood of getting a substantial return on investment. All litigation must be improved in writing by clients. More information is available in our debt collection litigation video.

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Judgment Collection

Winning the lawsuit is the first step to getting paid. Then the judgment has to be collected. If the debtor does not voluntarily agree to pay once we have a judgment¸ there are a number of court-ordered judgment collection processes we use to collect. The judgment collection video explains this in greater detail.

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Resource Center

We have the world’s largest free resource center for credit professionals. We have advice on dozens of topics, numerous free eBooks and videos, and lists of hundreds of reputable service providers for a variety of needs including credit reports, asset and skip tracing, training and consulting services, and other websites with free and subscription based content.

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Demo Service

Demo Content.

Maximize your profit

Collecting on accounts receivable before they lose their value is the trick to maximizing profit.

Connect with customers

The Netsignature Connect phase includes a series of reminders that are generated and directed to your customer in your name.

Pay less per contact

You will be paying less and proven debt recovery services than you would pay your own office staff in labor.

Relieve your staff

Outsourcing your accounts receivables allows you take the burden of debt recovery collections from your office staff.

Collect at the right time

Designed to collect debts before the contingency phase.When a debt reaches this phase,you can be confident that it is necessary.

World class support

Our unique approach allows you to get honest and friendly service from our client support team.

Protect relationships

Data shows that debtors are more likely to feel a level of animosity toward your business due to guilt and defense.

Resource Center

Largest free resource center for credit professionals for advice on dozens of topics, numerous free eBooks and videos.

How We Are Different?

How We Are Different - Debt collection in Qatar
– Wide network of Debt Collection Experts in Qatar
– Support and Updates on accounts 24/7
– Strategic Advice about debt collection options
– No collection No fee service
– Best Resources for Debt Recovery
– Fast method of recovering debts

What our Client say:

What are the benefits?

What are the benefits - Debt collection in Qatar

Whatever business you are in and whatever its size you have a statutory right to be paid, on time for the work you do. Getting paid should be straightforward, but sometimes it’s not and the time and effort spent on chasing customers who avoid paying our invoices costs your business money.

The businesses we represent and work on behalf of benefit from:
- Improved cash flow and profitability.
- No stressful and frustrating contact with debtors.
- Late paying customers being educated to pay on time.
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